Beginner Workout

A beginner workout is your first step. There could be numerous reasons that you've decided to start training. Probably the most common is getting control of your body fat. It's a proven fact that the more toned your muscles, the easier it is to control your weight.

Working out can boost your self-confidence. As you improve your body image,you reduce the risk of depression.

Obviously you'll notice a difference in your stamina and discover that you don't fatigue as easily.

Also you will be increasing your bone density and reducing the chance of osteoporosis.

One important factor for me, has been a daily workout seems to always help me sleep better. Take it from someone who had a severe case of insomnia.

Okay, let's get started. First you have to decide where you'll be training. Whether it's a fitness center strictly for women or one that is co-ed. Take a look around and notice the type of equipment available. Remember, this is a beginner workout so we'll add exercises for you when you get to the next level. Make sure they have plenty of machines,free weights,etc. so you don't have to stand and wait for your turn to do a set.

Next, decide how much time you're going to allow for training. At the beginning, try and plan on working out 3 times a week on the following program. However, don't feel you can't go to the gym more. You can feel free to do cardio work on your day off to get that "feel good" attitude.

Let's say you've decided to train Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The first step will be a little cardio. Notice I said a little cardio. 10 minutes should suffice. All you want is to get the blood flowing and the muscles warm. After you finish your workout you can do more cardio if you want.

What I'd suggest is starting you out with something that's called a PHA system. Peripheral Heart Action. This is something of a circuit training that was first implemented several years ago. It's an excellent routine for a beginner workout. It's basically a method of training where the blood is continually being circulated around the body to cut down the amount of Lactic Acid buildup.

You progressively work the smallest muscle groups first that are the closest to the heart. What this does is allow the heart to work less aggresively, then slowly rise during the more intense part of the program. You will also train body parts on an alternate format from the upper body to lower body.

Your PHA Beginner Program

Cardio(Bike,Treadmill,Eliptical) 10 minutes

Seated Curl(Biceps),Leg Curls(Hamstrings),Lateral Raises(Shoulders),Bench Press(Chest),Lat Pulldowns(Latissimus Dorsi),Leg Extensions(Quads),Tricep Extensions(Triceps),Calf Raises(Calves),Ab Pulldowns w/rope(Abdominals).

This is based on equipment you may have at your facility. These are pretty basic machines in alot of gyms. If you have to improvise feel free to BUT, do not change the sequence of the muscle groups worked. That's the whole purpose of this workout.

You will do 10 reps of each exercise with no rest in between. And you will do 2 sets. As far as weight, I want you to feel that the muscles have been taxed by the time you finish so adjust accordingly. I'm going to suggest that you do this routine for 3 weeks. What this is doing, is orienting your muscles for the more demanding workouts later. After this you're going to add one more set for another 3 weeks, all the while carefully adding more weight. After you've completed the entire 6 week program, we'll move you into the intermediate workout adding free weights to some exercises and deleting others.

As far as your days off, if you feel the need to get back in the gym and do some cardio, that's fine. But stay away from the weights. You need your muscles to rest. Remember if you have any training questions or problems, you can email me at any time and I'll answer immediately. Well good luck now lets get started.