Your Introductory Workout

Below is your Introductory Workout to get you on your way to a new you.

I'll list the exercises below in the order you need to work them. After that, we'll talk about sets and repititions. Also it would be ideal for you to plan your workouts 4 times a week. It works out much better train different bodyparts twice a week instead of training all the muscles in one session. The biggest problem with this is toward the end of your workout certain muscle groups have already become fatigued and you end up not getting the quality reps that you need to work the muscle.

Monday/Thursday Legs..Chest..Back

Leg Presses, Leg Extensions, Incline Benches, Pec Deck, Lat Pulldowns, Dumbell Shrugs, Ab Work...Rope Pulldowns,Seated Leg Lifts

Remember this is just a beginning routine to get your muscles oriented to more intense workouts. You'll be adding and deleting various exercises as weeks go by. Do 1 set of 10 and 2 sets of 8 making the first one a lighter set to get the blood flowing into the muscle area then add more resistance for the last 2 sets. Just keep in mind that you need to add a little weight to force the muscle to work.


Seated Shoulder Presses,Side Lateral Raises,Tricep Pushdowns,Tricep Extensions,Bicep Curl(Preacher Bench),Dumbell Concentration Curl...Ab Work the same

You'll continue to use the same number of sets and reps as the Monday/Thursday routine. You'll also notice that your doing the abs all 4 workout days. Don't worry about doing alot of reps because your treating the abdominal muscles as any other muscle group. You want it to get stronger and tighten. The countless number of reps you do will not make your waistline smaller. Thats done with nutrition and cardio. Speaking of that, you should always do a small amount of time doing cardio before your training session. If you feel you need to do more, do it at the end of your workout.

This routine should be used for six weeks. After that, you can add one more set to your program for another four weeks. At that time you can email me with your progress and goals and we'll continue from there. Also something I would advise. If you've had any recent surgeries that may limit certain actions of a muscle, feel free to switch to another exercise that will keep you pain free. There was a few years ago that I had a problem with my shoulder doing inclines. I did a quick fix when I decreased the angle of the Bench to 30% and it took much needed stress off the deltoid. If you belong to a gym that has alot of equipment, you might consider working on the machines at the beginning. You'll find that the reps are smoother and you won't have to be concerned with a spotter. Don't kid yourself, you can get a fantastic workout on the just have to know which ones.