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Our travels have taken us out west. As I mentioned before, my wife is a travel nurse which allows us to see quite a bit of the country. When this opportunity came up in Tucson, Arizona, we jumped on it. The next thing for me to do was get out the Rand McNally and check out the journey...2000 miles! Rather than look at it that way, I decided to break it up over 4 days, which wasn't bad, 500 miles a day. I never realized how big the state of Texas was, especially from San Antonio to El Paso. Barren land and not a whole lot of gas stations.

We finally got here and checked into the apartment. What a beautiful setting nestled in the valley of the Catalina Mountains. After unpacking it was time for me to check out the training facilities. They have a fitness center that will do for my off day circuit training and about 5 miles down the road there is a Ballys that has a nice free weight area and power racks that will suffice for my power workouts. As usual, I sat down that night to program my next routine. I think it's important to have a plan as far as your workout sessions instead of going in the gym cold and doing a haphazard workout. When I plan my routines, I determine how long we'll be at a certain location. Usually we are in one area for a minimum of 13 weeks and as long as 26. I always change my routines for a couple of reasons. Changing doesn't let your muscle areas grow stale and I never have the same accomodations from one place to another.

I'm still doing a 4 day training routine and giving my body 3 days rest. Also I'm incorporating a light and heavy day. Power workouts consist of Squats,Inclines at 30 degree angle and High Pulls. I'll also do dips and core work. My cardio days consist of circuit training alternating upper and lower body. For those who've never tried this kind of workout, I challenge you to not be breathing heavy as you exit the gym.

One other benefit of being in Tucson is the many Mountain hiking trails especially in our area. We went on our first trek Monday and what a workout going up and down and over rocks in the heat. This is what I'm doing on an "off" day.

In another bit of great news, my good friend, Mike Burgeners son, Casey, qualified for the Olympic Games at the Olympic Weightlifting Trials in Atlanta. Good going guys...

Well there's more to come as time goes the meantime,keep on training.