training for mass...

If you're striving for greater muscle mass, you must concentrate on heavy poundages. Let me explain. When you're workout consists of training with light weights, you don't utilize the deep underlying muscle fibers. Over time when your training becomes more advanced and you're muscles get progressively stronger, you must continue to increase weight forcing the muscles to work harder, building quality mass.

These fibers are attached to major muscle groups such as the pecs,deltoids,biceps and triceps. When you work these areas with heavy weight, you're actually challenging them to increase in thickness and size.

Basically when your workouts become stale, it means that you will only notice limited improvements. You may see a difference in the definition but the question is, are you satisfied with being a 150 lb. mass of sinew?

No matter what aricle you read when it comes to building mass, it all comes down to one thing. In order to force the muscle to grow, you must strive to use the heaviest poundages that you can handle.

You can focus on a few basic exercises to promote overall growth. Acually you could probably build your routine around 5 or 6 movements and achieve fantastic results. Back in the day, Arnold Schwarzenegger used these to build his incredible mass. They are the squat, bench press, behind the neck press, barbell curl and lat pulldown.

I'm going to break down the exercises into a training program that should enable you to add that additional mass you desire. However let me warn you that, I'm talking about using heavy weight. And continuing to increase the poundages. Also another vital aspect is nutrition. Try and maintain a 5 meal a day approach. I'm not talking big meals, just enough where you're digestion is easier. Also a big key is get enough rest. You are going to force the muscle to grow, so give them the correct amount of time to recuperate.

So there you have it. I've developed links that you can click on to see the recommended reps and sets and exercises that I believe will allow you to pack on the mass you desire. Good luck in your training.