Womens Intermediate Workout

Now that you understand the basics of working out, I'm assuming you're ready to get a little serious. First of all this routine works much better if you can allow yourself 4 days a week. Here's the reason. When you workout the traditional 3 days a week, there are too many exercises that have to be jammed together and you discover that you reach the fatigue zone much faster. By doing a 4 day routine, your focus on various muscle groups will be much more concentrated.

So let's take for example your training schedule is Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and Friday. We'll break it up so you're working routine "A" on Mondays and Thursdays and routine "B"on Tuesdays and Fridays. With this program, you'll be able to train your muscles harder and still get 3 rest days.

Monday and Thursday

15 minutes of Cardio, Squats, Leg Extensions, Leg Presses, Bench Press, Incline Flys, Incline Benches(30% angle), Lat Pulldowns, Dumbell Rows(Individually).

All exercises are performed 1x15, 2x8. The first set is considered a warm-up set to get the blood flowing and get your reps in the correct groove. Add an appropriate amount of weight for the next 2 sets. Make sure the amount is heavy enough so that rep number 8 is a struggle. The idea is for you not to breeze through this workout,but instead build muscle.

Tuesday and Friday

15 minutes of Cardio, Side Laterals, Seated Presses, Front Laterals,Tricep Pushdowns,Tricep Extensions(w/rope optional),alternate w/Bench Dips, Seated Dumbell Curls,Close Grip Barbell Curls(you can do these on a pulley machine),Concentration Curls.

Follow the same number of reps and sets as routine "A". At the end of your workout, I would do your ab work. Any ab exercises will suffice because you want to keep your core strong and toned. However I have one particular exercise that has worked well for me in the past. Hook a rope attachment onto your cable machine and do sets of ab crunch pulldowns with a prestretch. By that I mean to begin your movement with your back arched then just before you get to your finish position tuck your head down to your legs to simulate an upper body curl...it's fantastic. Something else to consider, try to squeeze your workouts earlier in the day. It's too easy to procrastinate later in the afternoon.

I would suggest maintaining this workout for 6 weeks,all the while adding weight. Then either add another set or experiment with an optional exercise. Give this program a chance and try not to miss. If you do,switch it to another day. It's also not a bad idea to finish your session with a bit more Cardio.