Where to workout?

You're ready to get back in shape...That's the first step. It's time to begin a new outlook on life. Let's look at my situation first. I travel the country with my wife which means every 3 or 4 months we're in a different city. On of the first tasks I have is to locate a place to train. It varies from town to town. For example at the time of this writing we're in Miami and there is a club that's 5 minutes away and has every type of equipment you could possibly ask for. That's rated 5 stars. On the other hand, we had come from Atlantic City where the scene was totally different. Very small and limited weights and machines. This gets a single star. But you have to adapt to the situation. I never let something like this be an excuse for not working out. I just had to sit down and get an overview of what type of routine I could muster. There's always some way you can figure to work up a good sweat and force your muscles to respond.

But let's say that you've decided to start looking for a place to train...Here are a few tips you might find useful.

First of all, when you visit any facility, check out the equipment available and see if it meets your needs. Make sure you check the time when you go because alot of gyms get packed at certain times of the day. You don't want to go to workout and have to wait and wait for people to get off the machines or get off a bench. It's actually better if you go early in the morning or say at lunch time. If you've ever tried 5 in the afternoon, it could be a long workout.

Also take advantage of their guest passes, you've got nothing to lose. Try and workout a couple of different times in the day to see what type of crowd is working out. You may want to consider how many times a week you will be training. The hours are critical. Most gyms have different hours on the weekend so you should figure in your schedule with work or other activities you may be involved in. Be sure and consider your driving time from home or work. Finding a gym close to either is an added benefit.

Check out the amenities that are available. Most monthly dues are based on everything they offer that may not pertain to your desires. Speaking of fees, do not get trapped into any type of long term contract. I've seen lots of people go through situations that they can't get out of. Get a monthly deal so you can judge for yourself if it's right for you.

Let's get to one of my pet peeves...Personal Trainers. Most do not have the knowledge to train anyone. Face it, these kids needed a job so were handed a booklet telling them about exercises and muscles worked. They have limited training and know even less about what is good or bad when it comes to the muscles of the body and how they respond. Believe me, it almost makes me sick when I hear some of the advice these so called trainers are giving their clients. I've even noticed some of them talking on their cell phones while giving an instruction. It's alot more important to find someone who gives a damn about a persons health and fitness. One episode in my life that I'm really proud of is when I first came to Florida and worked as a trainer years ago. It was a 24 fitness center, brand new, and had a lot of equipment. I worked the third shift, 11pm til 7am. I was only there for about 6 months but in that time had an average of 200 people pass through the doors everynight. They came to the gym to see results and it did my heart good to have them keep coming back. To me that was the satisfaction, not seeing how many new members I could sign up. I learned a long time ago that if people see changes in the body, others will notice and ask them how they did it...word of mouth is a great thing.

So there you have it...a few suggestions before you take the big step. You'll discover that when you train, you'll notice many who rest more than they lift, too many who talk on their cell phones and many who perform exercises in totally unorthodox fashion. But remember, you're there to workout for you. The idea is to leave there with a great sweat and to feel that you've done something for yourself.