workout and nutrition

You can't workout without some knowledge of nutrition. Let's get something out of the way first. I don't like the term diet! Let's say you need to lose a few pounds. The one frightening word that turns people off immediately is DIET.

Okay, you start on any diet and right away lose 2 pounds the first week. You're excited! But the second week you lose zero. You can't believe it. You're eating less, but nothings happening. You get discouraged and you're back to filling up on ice cream and doritos. I'd rather dedicate this section to the phrase "changing your eating habits".

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If you're serious about getting in the best shape of your life and want to begin a workout program that will get you back on track, you will need to feed your body correctly. That doesn't mean that you have to eat chicken and eggs every meal. I'll introduce some valuable tips on nutrition to encourage eating right, not less.

A philosophy I've always had is, if you're going to workout hard, striving to get in better shape, why not reward yourself for the effort. For that reason, I believe you should allow one day when you eat what you want. Look, you're burning up more calories than ever. You put time in every week at the gym. The majority of those days, you're eating correctly.

One topic that I don't want to overlook is "how much protein do I need to add to my diet for necessary development and muscular growth". Be sure to check out this link. There are alot of different opinions concerning the amount of protein one needs.

If you think about it, why would you want to spend precious time working out and not see some sort of transformation. You may be motivated to building your stamina or transfer some fat cells to muscle. There was a gym I trained at in Tampa and would see the same people working out everyday. Many of these needed to lose a few pounds. Unfortunately months would pass and I didn't notice any physical difference. What's the purpose of working out and eating the same way as always. I don't know about you, but I went to workout everyday for a purpose.

Try and make it a two part system. Build the muscle and feed the muscle. If you follow the plan you're sure to see the results you desire.