why should you workout?

We all have different reasons to workout and keeping in shape. The most popular is to maintain a certain bodyweight. All of a sudden, even though we look in the mirror everyday, someone pulls out a high school yearbook and to your surprise, your body has slightly changed. I remember going back to my reunion, I think it was the 20th, and couldn't believe how some of my close friends had changed quite a bit. It you fit into this category, be aware, it didn't happen overnight.

Another reason for working out might be to alleviate depression. There have been alot of days that I was in a terrible mood, yet forced myself to go to the gym and came back with a whole different attitude. Hey don't worry, you're not alone. I've dealt with my share of problems, whether it be from work or financial problems or any number of things that you have no control over. Irregardless, something happens to you when you've gone to workout and came out sweating. Maybe it's just the fact that you've done something for yourself.

On the other hand, perhaps you were skinny in school and now just want to concentrate on gaining size. Or maybe you want to focus on getting stronger. I know it always is a kick for me to be working out with alot of younger men and end up lifting the heavier iron. What a rush!!

Anyway, my own reason is selfish. My parents both passed away much too young. You can attribute it to alcoholism, poor health or just hard work trying to make ends meet. All I know, is that they never got to know my kids, let alone my grandkids. For me to get up every morning at 5:00 and train is no big deal. Do I always feel better? You bet. I plan on being around for alot more years to play with the little ones. If you've never been to the gym before or have taken a break, you can click here to enter the beginner workout routines.

The bottom line is "we all have muscles." How we use them is up to us. I'm pretty much devoting this section to men. Whether your powerlifting or bodybuilding, I've come up with some routines for the beginner or the guys who've been training for a few years. Most of these, I've personally tried. You can now click here to visit the site with more advanced workout routines. And believe me, in 40 years, I've seen alot of good ones and an awfully lot that will waste your time. So right now let's just concentrate on getting you stronger and adding some muscle. I also have a blog that you can feel free to ask me any questions about problems you may have on your journey. As for my objective...to show you how to workout forever.