women and weights

Should women workout? That has been the question for years. Well think about this. The largest chain of Fitness Centers in America is strictly for women. And that of the co-ed gyms in this country, the membership ratio is 2 to 1 women. Okay there's a reason for this. Women are easier to train. Let me explain this. Most ladies are interested in training trouble areas. Especially during those child bearing years. Secondly, a woman is thrilled to see significantly smaller results, whereas a man wants see immediate changes in his body. The bottom line is that it's easier for women to develop a pleasant figure than men to develop mass.

There was a time when a woman was hesitant to go to the gym. There were alot of reasons. Intimidation was one. I've trained in some hardcore places that a female wouldn't step foot in. Another reason that kept alot of women away, is that they thought they might end up with big muscles and look freakish. Not to worry. A womans hormones make this impossible. Exercise can reshape a womans body without building the unwanted mass.

In the past few years, lots have changed regarding women and weight training. For one, it's become very trendy to say, I've been working out. The one thing that's excited me lately is to see the number of younger women training on a regular basis. Alot of these girls in high school and college are involved in school sports and are building strength and fitness. I don't know if you've ever noticed but I see more women sweating while they're working out than men. I'm going to show you a beginner workout to get you started. This will get you acclimated for the intermediate program that lies ahead. To be perfectly honest, workouts for men and women are not that different. In fact, I've seen quite a few women workout with men as their training partners.

Next we'll concentrate on an intermediate workout program now that you're somewhat familiar with the exercises. When I first came to Florida, I took a position as a trainer in a new fitness center that was open 24/7. I wanted to work the 3rd shift, because I had to concentrate on other things by day. I was amazed how many women trained at night. Most of the ladies I trained,came to the club because they had seen results of their friends. When I finally left the facility to pursue other interests, we had more members working out at night than in the daytime hours. Like I said before, a woman wants to see some improvement, it doesn't have to be alot. Once that happens you're hooked. All your excuses have been taken away.